“The Big Ceremony” is Hot on the Shelf

Ozi Okaro

Writing is an art and most especially translates to a passion when the focus is on Children. So when author Ozi Okaro searches her humble inner spirit for “The Big Ceremony”, the little ones sit with legs crossed and hands on chin as they pay rapt attention. This is a sweet story about about a 6 year old little girl named Cheta. Cheta is of Nigerian descent, but has never been to Nigeria. She does not know much about her culture. This story gives a first-hand account of her experiences attending a Nigerian traditional wedding ceremony.

It all begins one day when she is mesmerized by a dress her best friend Kosi shows her. It is a traditional outfit made with traditional fabric. Her curiosity gives her the opportunity to attend Kosi’s cousin’s traditional wedding ceremony. Throughout the book she is bombarded with new experiences and a deep look into Nigerian culture and tradition. All of which serves as enlightenment and an introduction to her culture. She eventually gets her very own traditional outfit of which she is ecstatic about.

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She enjoys every bit of detail at the ceremony as she learns about the intricacies of the event. At the end of the book, she is eager to tell her parents all about it. And of course she is inspired to have a traditional wedding ceremony of her own one day.

Authors Profile

Ozi Okaro is the founder of African Girl Brands (www.africangirlbrands.com), which focuses on toys, books, and other educational materials for children of African descent. “I am proud to be the author and illustrator of “The Big Ceremony”, my very first children’s book”. With a background in computer programming and software development, my love for fashion translated into several years of working in ecommerce marketing and merchandising within the fashion industry. As a former model and Miss Black World 2001, I am inspired to help young children of African descent celebrate their heritage and realize their beauty, both inside and out.

This book can be purchased on;
Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es
Barnes and Noble online
Konga.com (In Nigeria, delivered directly)

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