Thai Rescue Success is a Manifestation of Global Collaboration

After a grueling and treacherous three-part operation that began on Sunday and lasted into Tuesday, the entire 12 members of the trapped youth soccer team and their 25-year-old coach were finally rescued from the Thai cave whose rising waters threatened their survival.


The mission, deemed an impressive success, was completed at about 7 pm local time and saw the collaboration of many parties including Thai Navy Seals and a variety of experts from fields ranging from communications to divers.

thai cave

Thailand’s National News Bureau released a statement stating the rescue efforts’ team included, amongst others, “a three-person group of famed cave divers from the United Kingdom, 30 members of the United States Indo-Pacific Command carrying cave wall penetration equipment, a cave expert and a technology expert from the Japan International Cooperation Agency, six cave rescue experts from Beijing Peaceland.”

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