I remain inspired by the vision that we have started, by the hope that cannot be reversed, by faith that is irreversible, by love that keeps us together; Keep hope alive, success is ours…

If I enumerate the challenges of recent times, it would probably bring tears to the eyes of the compassionate, laughter to the vocal cords of the hater’s, lip service to the restless, wonder to the doubtful and reversal of faith to the writer.

The wise choice? I rest my pen but before I do that, a word of encouragement to all who do not know what the future holds, what you do not know would not harm. Be Strong, be courageous, never say never, always try, never give in, never let any one suppress your vision(the attached photo is a testimony) be open to criticism; Keep hope Alive!

Today, I had to forgo an important trip to San Fransisco to be with my great fellow Alumni of a great Alma matter, OAU Ile-Ife. So much had gone into the plans. My accommodation had been booked on the 28th of May 2008. No one ever knows what tomorrow holds. Last word: Pray.

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