Surprise 60th banquet for Sir Gregory Balogun

The surprise birthday was so overwhelming such that emotions had no hiding place. Sir Gregory Balogun was pleasantly surprised by his 60th birthday banquet orchestrated by his dotting wife; Chief Mrs. Bibi Balogun.

Sir Gregory and Mrs. Bibi Balogun
Sir Gregory and Mrs. Bibi Balogun

The exquisitely decorated event center in Dallas quickly became a beehive of activities as guests enjoyed an assortment of equatorial buffet, fresh fruits desserts, marinated and grilled sirloin. The open bar also featured a cocktail of fine spirits and beverages.


The celebrant was supported by members of notable social groups including; Eko Club International and Great Ife Alumni. The event linger in the minds of many in attendance as one of the finest and most colorful in recent times.

by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Magazine – [email protected], +1 903 309 1172

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