Vlisco at Dutch Design Week 2013: From product to international design brand

Vlisco – the brand from Helmond in the Netherlands, known for its unique prints, is to participate in Dutch Design Week for the first time. In an impressive event called Vlisco Unfolded Vlisco will showcase a company on the threshold of a new era: an innovative player in the midst of a transformation from a production-based company to an international design brand. Hans Ouwendijk, CEO of Vlisco Group, says: “We want to share our story, our journey with the world…and invite everyone to become part of it.” Vlisco’s distinctive design signature, combined with the organic wax production process, ensures that every centimetre of fabric is truly unique. These characteristics have helped Vlisco achieve its iconic status in Africa and global admiration in the worlds of art, design and fashion.


The exhibition Vlisco Unfolded reveals the story of a renowned Dutch company whose past is now opening up unparalleled opportunities in a new context. Vlisco Unfolded will share the company’s vision with the Dutch Design Week audience in daily Design Dialogues, putting its creative and commercial aspirations firmly in context. Keynote speakers from the international fashion and design community such as former Premsela director Els van der Plas, ArtEZ Professor José Teunissen and Christian Blanckaert, former CEO of Hermès International will share the stage with Creative Director Roger Gerards. In the past few years, Vlisco has been staging remarkable growth against the backdrop of the current economic crisis. So come and find out why Vlisco’s luxury fabrics are doing so well in this challenging market. Vlisco Unfolded is curated by creative director Roger Gerards and acknowledged fashion stylist Maarten Spruyt.


From drawing board to design and the stories behind each unique fabric; from the company´s 167-year-old history to its latest collaborative ventures with fashion designers; and from its most recent collection to the launch of brand-new product lines, Vlisco Unfolded offers a glimpse into a unique company. Roger Gerards, Vlisco’s Creative Director, says: “I see a wealth of opportunities to add new dimensions to Vlisco’s heritage. This is the moment to show the world who we are and what we’re made of.”

Vlisco Unfolded and the Design Dialogues will be presented in IGLUU, Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Week (19 – 27 October 2013). Vlisco will also be opening its Helmond facility and offering extensive guided tours to the general public. More information on: www.ddw.nl, www.vlisco.com

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