Veronica Iwebema marks 60th birthday in Texas

Some milestones in life are worth celebrating and for Mrs. Veronica Iwebema, marking her 60th birthday with family and friends at her Grand Prairie Texas residence was non-negotiable.

Invitations had been sent out to a select group who honored the celebrant with great remarks, showers of praise and a continuous flow of dance floor appreciation.

The Iwebema family
The Iwebema family

Lady Vee as she is popularly know also exhibited her fashionable side by adorning three uniquely designed apparels in stunning colors through the course of the party.

Guests enjoyed an array of fine afro-continental cuisine, tasty pastries, fruit cocktails and an assortment of fine beverages including choice wine and spirits. Her husband, Mr. Kenneth Iwebema JNR and daughter, Anita, ensured that guests were adequately entertained.


by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Magazine – +19033091172

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