Trendy Africa founder featured on Voyage Dallas

Voyage Dallas magazine recently featured the founder and publisher of Trendy Africa, Tosan Aduayi. The article touched on the founding years, successes and challenges of the media house.

See extract below;

Has it been a smooth road?
We have had challenges along the way. In the early days of our website, we got attacked by malicious malware, which caused the loss of lots of data. Google even flagged us at a time. We had to literally build the platform from scratch. To date, we spend a lot to forestall such an occurrence.

I will continuously give credit to Axxess Technologies, a leading Dallas based home health software company, for enabling the rebuild of our website on their platform. Trendy Africa currently serves as a public relations consultant to Axxess.

The print magazine suffered logistic setbacks with thousands of copies lost during transportation to outlets. This was also a big setback financially. The advent of social media had an impact on our business model but we were able to go back to the drawing board and keep in business.

Trendy Africa – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Trendy Africa is an award-winning and accredited foreign press media at the U.S State Department. We are a media and communications company specializing in documenting local and international social-cultural events. We are very proud of our quality and consistency. Our quality of presentation and affiliations sets us apart.

For complete article, VOYAGE DALLAS

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