Lake Side drive by birthday for Lily

Joe pool lake in Grand Prairie Texas was surprisingly packed during a season of social distancing. As we meandered the shoreline, it was clear that our celebrant of the day would have to make do with a spacious spot to accommodate her covid compliant friends who turned up to partake in the unique drive-by event.

Joe pool lake
Joe pool lake

All it took was a series of luxury SUV’s, a mobile boom box, a designer cake and an assortment of edible condiments pre-packed for guest to take home. Lily held her cake while guest drove round in a circle serenading her.

There was just enough space to capture the moments while a few friends gyrated to the afrobeat tunes permeating the air. Joe pool lake was a perfect backdrop for a beautiful evening of compliant fun.

Tosan Aduayi writes and photographs from Texas – [email protected]

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