Ropo Tusin Serenaded at 60th birthday event

It was a beautiful fun-filled gathering of friends and well wishers in honor of Pastor Ropo Tusin’s 60th birthday. The event which held at the ultra modern hall of the RCCG Household of faith, Arlington Texas had all the trappings of joy, love, and true celebration. Lots of guests had flown in from several cities across the USA to participate in the memorable occasion.

Pastor Ropo Tusin

Pastor Ropo has been described as a true leader, a great giver, relentless motivator, and a great apostle of Christ. He was serenaded during the event by great music and dance just as guests were treated to a variety of sumptuous meals including African delicacies and a mix of continental cuisine.


Tosan Aduayi writes and photographs from Mansfield, Texas – 817-538-2145

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