OTC Houston reveals record attendance

Each year, the Offshore Technology Conference-OTC brings thousands to Houston to see the newest drilling technology. About 90,000 visitors are expected at this year’s conference. For decades, OTC has been a popular event for those in the offshore drilling business and among the largest trade shows in the world.


“This is the largest that we have had in the 44 year history of OTC,” said Ed Stokes, the vice chairman of OTC. “It is right at about 653,000 square feet, equivalent to about 11.5 football fields, including end zones.” This year’s conference is expected to bring about $130 to $150 million to the state of Texas.

Governor Rick Perry met with the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway on Monday, and participated in a panel with other coastal governors regarding offshore energy development.

Highlights for this year’s conference include a two-part discussion on how the industry can improve self-regulation and how the U.S. federal and state governments can coordinate regulations and policies. Project updates from around the how their latest developments are affecting the industry, along with alternative energy for offshore facilities.


Amid the acres of booths displaying the latest products marketed for the energy industry is the two-story FMC Technologies booth showing off their newest pump. It is a sub-sea, three-megawatt pump and motor system that is capable of being placed at the well head.

The OTC wraps up on Thursday, May 10.

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