Governor ‘BAO’ Oyebanji shows pride in ‘Ikogosi’

Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s unwavering dedication to wearing and promoting the “Go See Ikogosi” campaign is a testament to his deep-rooted belief in the immense potential of Ekiti state. He recognizes the abundant blessings bestowed upon our beloved State and understands that realizing its full potential requires deliberate efforts in projection and support.

Gov. BAO Oyebanji – #GoSeeIkogosi

In his consistent advocacy for “Go See Ikogosi,” Governor Oyebanji demonstrates his heartfelt commitment to showcase the beauty and richness of Ekiti state to the world. By encouraging residents and visitors alike to explore the wonders of Ikogosi, he envisions a brighter future for our state—one that harnesses its natural resources, cultural heritage, and tourism potential.

Gov. BAO Oyebanji – #GoSeeIkogosi

Governor Oyebanji invites all of us to join hands in this noble endeavour. Together, we can preserve and enhance the essence of Ekiti state, making it an even better place for generations to come. Let us unite our efforts, as we work collaboratively to keep Ekiti working, fostering progress and prosperity for all who call this remarkable State.

Gov. BAO Oyebanji – #GoSeeIkogosi

Ikogosi warm springs and resort is currently managed by Glocient hospitality


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