Goge Africa, Cultural Ambassador’s pay tribute to the Ebira Cloth

The long-running multi-award-winning travel TV series Goge Africa, covered the just concluded 2022 edition of Ohueje Ohinoyi – the yearly Cultural Festival of the Ebira people held every March in Okene, Kogi State, central Nigeria. In line with the theme ‘The 100 Loom Match’, the three-day event gave focus to one of the more visible qualities of the Ebira people – Weaving. In partnership with Africa-Related and Ita’i Our Cloth, the Goge crew virtually covered the festival. Nneka and Metche Isaac-Moses, hosts of Goge Africa, adorned the ebira cloth in a tribute to the rich culture.

Nneka Issac-Moses

In these photos, Nneka and Metche Isaac-Moses, hosts of Goge Africa wearing ‘Itinochi’ also known as the Ebira Cloth. This black and white striped cotton piece is traditionally known as ‘Upatesi’. According to the vibrant hostess, “The Itinochi hand woven cloth of the Ebira people is perhaps Nigeria’s most authentic traditional fashion masterpieces. It is the most durable and wearable artistic heritage of our people”. She went on to call for a celebration of Nigeria’s textile weaving industry. “Let us celebrate the uncommon beauty of an economy-driven traditional practice, sustained by women through the ages”.

Nneka & Metche Issac Moses
Nneka in Ebira Cloth

In echoing Moses’ call, Ita’i Our Cloth, an indigenous social enterprise that promotes weaving in Ebiraland has been doing just that. Since forming in 2019, it has formed local and international partnerships that create community programs and enable global knowledge and distribution of the Ebira Cloth. Ita’i also ensures a portion of proceeds from every order goes back to the community.

Words: Oyiza Adaba – Photos: Goge Africa

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