Celebrating Angela Aduayi-Amaebite at 50

Christmas day, 2021 was officially the 50th birthday of my sister, Mrs. Angela Kalevi Amaebite but I guess, the celebration is all year long. The surprise event held at the upscale EbonyLife place, Victoria Island, Lagos. I happened to be in Lagos that morning and played my part with the surprise element.

Kalevi Amaebite

She had come to visit me on the morning of the day of the event at my lodge in company of her darling husband, Gabriel and sweet daughter, Preye. I simply played along as I prepared to depart for the USA that night. Well, all went as planned as observed by tears of joy that flowed freely that evening.

This is wishing Kalevi a blessed new age and more of God’s favor.

Tosan Aduayi writes from Mansfield, Texas – tosan@trendyafrica.com

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