Genesis Reveals Concept X Convertible

The Genesis X Convertible concept was revealed recently in California at an intimate viewing where guests were delighted with a surprise unveiling of a four-passenger open-roof concept. The venue was a natural choice as California leads the U.S. in adoption of electric vehicles and its temperate climate allows year-round enjoyment of the convertible vehicle format.

Genesis Concept X Convertible

The X Convertible concept’s ideal proportions are complemented by design purity and exemplify the continued refinement in orchestrating design elements that make up Athletic Elegance. It is a beacon for the Genesis brand.

The characteristic quad lights—from which Genesis’ Two-Line graphic identity originates—are also present on the X Convertible concept. As in the X Speedium Coupe concept, this graphic identity integrates the new EV face and forms an abstract of the Crest Grille. The cooling function for the powertrain and batteries has been relocated to lower openings in the front bumper.

Genesis Concept X Convertible

The rear end of the X Convertible concept features a concave elliptical duck tail intersected by horizontal quad rear lights, as seen on the X Concept and X Speedium Coupe concepts. The continuity of the elliptical shape is interrupted and crowned by a V-shape indentation that hints at the crest and wings of the Genesis logo.

Genesis Concept X Convertible

The wheels are a combination of Genesis’ G-Matrix pattern orchestrated by an aero dish concave section. The spacers of this aero dish serve to extract heat from the brakes.

Genesis Concept X Convertible

The Genesis X Convertible concept shares its architecture and electric powertrain with the X Concept in 2021 and X Speedium Coupe concept in 2022.

Tosan Aduayi writes is a motoring enthusiast and writes periodically from Mansfield, Texas – [email protected]

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