Fashionable Color in Culture

Once again the spring season is upon us. It’s customary for all creatures to respond to the change of seasons. Color in culture is a natural phenomenon! Plants, insects, birds as well as our furry friends, will take part in the celebration this spring by flaunting exuberant colors that lift one’s spirit and dazzles the onlookers. You too are invited to take part in seasonal celebrations styled with colorful fashions.

For everyone who works in the fashion business, it is important to be able to recognize and to foresee any social, cultural and seasonal trends that pertain to colors. TeKay Designs salutes colors with an exciting array of fashion looks that display exuberant hues for this spring. The Houston, Texas fashion house is retailing its new collection for 2012.

“A very important aspect of human visual experience is color”, states Creative Director Ms. Kimma Wreh. “Color is powerful!  Colors are fraught with symbolism, and cultural influences. There is also a physiological affect when color is applied. For example, the color yellow has proven to stimulate the brain. This stimulation can make you more alert and decisive. This color actually makes muscles more energetic! Also, the color orange is known to have positive affects on your emotional state. This color helps relieve feelings of self-pity, a lack of self-worth and unwillingness to forgive. The color orange is mentally stimulating as well as socially inviting.”

For the spring season, TeKay Designs has introduced an ethnic-wear evening line of colorful sexy tops, skirts and dresses designed for the woman who is not afraid to show her curves. The garments are made with Aso-ake fabric, hand woven in Nigeria, and infused with gorgeous laces, trims, and scarves. The Aso-ake fabrics are limited edition and some are one of a kind. TeKay Designs offers an ethnic casual and semi-formal collection of multi color of jumpsuits, jackets, skirts, tops, and dresses made of Ankara fabrics and adorned with trims.

Wreh added a few couture ethnic-designs, which may be worn to banquets, galas and red carpet events. Wreh’s inspiration for culturally inspired fashions stems from her desire to incorporate significant historic fabric into TeKay Designs ethnic-fashion line. “Historically, skilled Cloth Dyers and Fabric Weavers are revered throughout the West African region and beyond for their artistic creativity. Cloth Dyers and Kente Weavers have become a force for alleviating poverty and affirming identity across West Africa.

They are the creators of colorful fabrics. They are a reflection of how colors can bring about positive change. Lifestyle trends can be influenced by social-cultural changes, such as artistic movements. As a tribute to African culture I’ve incorporated colorful hand woven kente fabrics into my line of bridal gowns. Today’s brides are demanding cultural elements that complement traditional European style wedding dresses” states Kimma Wreh.

The psychological power of color combined with the therapeutic power of gems is a complement to colorful fashions. “At TeKay Designs, we create ethnic inspired jewelry pieces that are designed to complement our ethnic-fashions. Our jewelry is created with a variety of high quality materials. We include Swarvorski crystals, vintage rhinestones, corals, tiger eye beads, glass beads, turquoise nuggets, wood and sea shells”, explains Kimma. Express your personal style statement with colorful accessories that accentuate your garment. To lift your spirits, try updating your wardrobe with cultural fashions and accessories to flaunt with exuberant colors.

Source: Tekay Designs. Photo – Ted Mebane Photography

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