Culture and Color Epitomize the 50th Birthday of Tonye Dagogo-Jack

TEXAS – Anyone who has ever had a doubt about Africans especially Nigerians being the happiest people on earth should have been live witnesses to the grand birthday event of Tonye Dagogo-Jack.

People from all races, ethnic cultural backgrounds and professions all gathered at the Blue Cypress grand hall in Arlington to honor Tonye at 50. It was truly an event that redefined the essence of celebration that has it’s true foundation based on love.

Mrs. Roselyn Dagogo Jack, Wife of the celebrant had spent several months planning what was supposed to be a grand surprise but no thanks to chatters. Anyway, the celebrant expressed his surprise at the overwhelming turnout of guests who had come to show love.

The Birthday party had an exotic flavor to it as seen with the rich apparels adorned by family, the flowing corals on the necks of the celebrant and the presence of grilled snails on the menu list. What more; there was just so much canapes and high end thirst quenchers available. My verdict? another “A+” party.


Photos by Chibuzor Okonta and Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa. Trendy Africa is a Multi Media Production Company based in Texas and are Publishers of Trendy Africa Magazine, Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra and

5 Replies on Culture and Color Epitomize the 50th Birthday of Tonye Dagogo-Jack

  • jiba jack says:

    Congratulations Mr Tonye Jack on your 50th birthday bash, you still de look good at 50, so make you keep’m up. Jiba and Tamunomiete loves you.
    Thank you.

  • Tari C. Omoro says:

    Hi Tonye, congrates on your 50th birthday. welcome to the club. Yal looking good. I wish I was there. I wish you many more. Tari in Abuja.

  • Obemeasor Abebe says:

    Happy birthday roommate. You did not invite from Atl, cos we are not from Bush country? We love anyway, don’t forget to invite us to your 60th bash. Stay blessed and pray the good Lord will continue to promote and increase you in every area. Obemeasor and Uwosomi Abebe

  • Mr. & Mrs. Amadanyo Oguara says:

    TJ: Your 50th B-Party looks grand! Wish we could have been there. Wishing you many more happy years.

    Cheers!…………………………..Amadanyo, Tetana, & the kids

  • Ganiyu says:

    Congrats sir.i wish i were present in the occasion.may god continue 2bless u and your family and may he also give you longer life that your heart desires.ganiyu.

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