BLOOM: motivational seminar reveals realistic paths to wealth creation

ATLANTA – The first annual and much anticipated BLOOM event, an empowerment seminar hosted by Nina International lived up to its billing in Atlanta. BLOOM 2010 tagged;”EXPLORE YOUR PASSION: CREATE WEALTH” featured industry tested speakers who delivered raw positive information based largely on their personal experiences.

Nina Ijere, CEO of Nina international spoke about her personal life experiences and challenges that eventually shaped her life to the path of success and outstanding wealth creation. Nina particularly mentioned how she lost 40 pounds over a short period of time by sheer determination and zeal. Her personal trainer was on hand to lend credence to the attestation. Nina added; ” BLOOM 2010 is designed to jump start your success like nothing before, whether you are an existing entrepreneur or you have been thinking about starting your own business…BLOOM will empower you with stellar education, inspiration, motivation and networking”.

The first guest speaker was Jeff Hopeck, founder of Killer Shark Marketing, coach and 2-time author, small business and Internet marketing consultant and former secret service agent under President George Bush. His presentation titled “Leveraging the Internet to grow your business” revealed simple but effective tools to direct great profit yielding traffic to an Internet based enterprise (visit Bloom Website and order tapes for more information). Jeff Hopeck revealed how he started his online business and was unable to break even for over a year until his big break which got his product mentioned on the Howard Stern Show generating 26,000 visitors in three hours.

Okechukwu Ofili, social media and branding expert got up on the podium as the second guest speaker to send sparks of excitement and motivation to the very privileged audience. In his topic titled “Branding, Growing and Exploding your business with social media” Ofili graphically described the essence of leveraging social media and maximizing its benefits. By mere statistics, social media use has exceeded the worlds expectations and still growing thereby creating more opportunities to expand members outreach. Ofili who is the author of “How Stupidity Saved My Life” explained how resilience and belief in himself pushed him past the boundaries of failures into the realms of success.

The seminar featured comedy by Stephon, Vector club raffles draws and presentation of “Be-Virtuous Award” as well as a networking social mixer session which held later at night.


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Photos and documentary by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Media.

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