Audi Mobile Key Smartwatch

It sounds cliche but some futuristic innovations tend to tickle the senses. Audi is offering a key smartwatch on its prologue Avant. The Audi prologue Avant combines groundbreaking infotainment architecture and entertainment concept, dynamics, form and function in a perfect synthesis. The luxurious interior is kept in dark shades. Here as well, the show car offers a new experience: The straight‑lined architecture forms one whole with its display and control concept. The consistent front of the dashboard is composed of three touch displays. Moreover, the driver and up to three passengers can establish a digital communication via two OLED‑displays made from organic LEDs. The extremely slim, detachable OLED displays in the rear – a spin-off of the Audi tablet from the new Audi Q7 – provide passengers with on-demand information and entertainment. Motoring is about to become straight up keyless.

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