Olori Abimbola Gbayisomore celebrates 60th birthday

Fort Worth – Satin linens, flowery ensembles, customized cakes and an attractive fruit table all formed some of the creative aesthetics that guaranteed a fun filled celebration. The celebrant, Mrs. Abimbola Gbayisomore looked  all gracious at 60 as she personally welcomed early guests to the venue. She ensured that well wishers received maximum entertainment all through the night.

Great music by DJ Smilee and Mr. Victory kept the celebrants and guests non stop on the dance  floor with expressions of appreciation. The night also revealed two other surprise celebrants; Dr. Akingboju Gbayisomore who celebrated life after a traumatic health related experience and the 21st birthday of Oyefolarin Gbayisomore; one of the celebrants sons.


by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Media

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