A breath of fresh air at Ikogosi warm Springs and resort

During a quick flight from Lagos to Akure, enroute Ikogosi warm springs and resort, one of Nigeria’s hidden treasures, I observed the lush green arable land mass almost all through the 30 minutes flight on the resorts preferred airline, green Africa.

It was clear in my mind that the commercial agricultural potentials of the Nigerian nation is grossly untapped. This will be a conversation for another day as my focus in this piece is Ikogosi.

The drive from Akure to Ikogosi is approximately an hour of pleasant sights of rich vegetation including palm trees and cocoa. The approach to Ikogosi warm springs resort was clean and calm. The sense of security and a serene atmosphere filled the air.

ikogosi warm springs

I was welcomed by management staff and quickly retired to the restaurant for a plate of charcoal cooked jollof rice. It was now clear to me that I was in for an amazing 48 hours.

ikogosi warm springs

The tales of the resorts origin dates back over 500 years ago, when a man whose name was Ọ̀gánungánun, a brave hunter who left Lukosi compound of Ìlódè quarters in Ilé-Ifẹ̀ on a hunting expedition. This was at a time when so many of his people were leaving Ile Ifè to establish their own towns and villages just like their ancestors did. By the time he got to the area now known as Ikogòsì, there were some of his folks already settled down and living in their little hamlets. For more, I’ll refer you to the website; https://www.ikogosiresort.com/about-ikogosi-warm-springs/

Currently managed by Glocient Hospitality Limited, Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is a hospitality and tourist destination located at Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria. The main attraction to the resort is the legendary warm and cold springs confluence, the meeting point of the two springs of different temperatures – warm and cold, with each maintaining its thermal properties even as they continue flowing together.

Research suggests that the warm spring has a temperature of about 37°C at the source and 30°C at the confluence. But what is most spectacular about the springs is the fact that they don’t mix after they meet. Due to their difference in color, visitors to the meeting point of the springs can clearly see them distinctly flowing side by side for a good distance downstream. The magical essence of this natural phenomenon is further enhanced by the unique sparkle of the warm waterbed at this point. For more, visit; https://www.ikogosiresort.com/the-legacy-history-of-the-resort/

My experience with nature in its majestic splendor, was a therapeutic gift, while ascending a 45-degree gradient to discover the source of one of life’s mysteries. Yes, all these at the site of the world’s only warm and cold spring confluence in Ekiti state, Nigeria. Ikogosi warm springs resort is the ultimate destination to stimulate your inner strength just as you feel magic at the touch of the tranquil spring water.

The culinary experience was memorable and stimulating to my taste buds. The mix of organic and authentic traditional cuisine, including pounded yam and vegetables, grilled turkey, fish and chicken, will definitely keep my tentacles locked on the next opportunity to visit. I hope you’ll consider the experience too.

Tosan Aduayi writes and photographs from Mansfield, Texas – [email protected]



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