‘AYODEL’ multi talented gospel artist

Ayodele Adeyinka affectionately called ‘Ayodel’ is a diversified Nigerian born artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. A guitarist, vocalist and song writer, his passion for music started at a very tender age as a member of his church choir and at this  moment is taking new ground and possessing all through his music.

His journey into the entertainment world started in 1991, when he joined the band of the late Evangelist Sonny Okosuns band. He was featured with this great band at the ‘ children of Africa concert’. He toured many African and European countries while with this band.

Ayodel has the ability to play different types of genre of music, to re-programme the stereotype. His passion and conviction for what he does is felt through his music. Since his commencement on this tremendous journey in the entertainment industry, he has released several albums, his first titled ‘majo mayo’ meaning ‘ I will rejoice’, a combination of gospel, afro and juju music. His latest album titled ‘double portion’ is a master piece dedicated to God for his mighty deed over his life.

This album is a blend of gospel, soul and jazz with an African twist (a must have)! this is a phenomenal, an outstanding performance from the composition, the production and of cause the end product(cd). Ayodel is managed by new trends incorporated (uk) and has recently unveiled  his new single titled ‘akamarama’ meaning ‘ give a quality or beautiful clap offering unto the lord.

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