TAMMAE – Mothers Appreciation


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Every year and in the spirit of giving, celebrating mothers and community service, Trendy Africa Media through its unique concept-Trendy Africa Magazine Mothers Appreciation Event honors 5 women at a befitting forum. The honoree’s are selected based on known community service, outstanding achievements in a chosen career and those who have shown remarkable resilience through challenges.

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Nominations are open to Women residing in the United States but not limited to a particular race.

Nominations can be sent via email to; info@trendyafrica.com or trendyafrica@gmail.com. Phone contact: 817-538-2145, 817-993-9544

Nominees will be notified. Lets celebrate and honor women.

TAMMAE benefits S.A.D – (Speak up Against Domestic violence); a division of TAGV (Grace for Victim). SAD is a campaign against the scourge of domestic violence.


TRENDY AFRICA MAGAZINE MOTHERS APPRECIATION EVENT – TAMMAE is designed to appreciate, motivate and empower Mothers in our community. The event will honor mothers who have shown remarkable resilience, contributions to the community and achievement in a specific endeavor.

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TAMMAE benefits “Grace for Victims” Charity. Other attractions including fashion and comedy will form part of the highlights of the event. The event is also designed to ensure great visibility of support brands through our highly patronized website and magazine and at any location the event is hosted.