Winter Weather Pummels parts of USA

Another day of frightful weather awaits some areas in the USA as a powerful winter storm hurtles across the northeastern States. The Christmas storm unleashed heavy snow, bristling winds and tornadoes in the Midwest, killing six people, including two young children. The two — ages 1 and 2 — died in a car accident in Arkansas, state officials said.

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And as the storm, which started in the Midwest, continues surging east, snow will leave thousands of passengers stranded after flight cancellations. More than 360 flights have already been taken off the schedule for Thursday, tracking website said. That’s in addition to about 1,780 flights canceled a day before.

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Travelers are advised to check before leaving home to see if their flights are postponed or canceled. Forecasters said additional heavy snowfall is expected in various states, including upstate New York, southern New England and central Maine through Friday morning.

As much as two feet of snow is possible in central Maine, leading to hazardous roads, forecasters said.

Source: CNN

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