WAACCI Business Networking mixer in Dallas

The West Africa America Chamber of Commerce and Industries (WAACCI) held it’s inaugural business networking mixer in Dallas. WAACCI is about promoting economic, cultural, and economic ties between West Africa and the United States. Even though Dallas based, WAACCI assists anyone in the United States or West Africa who shares their vision and goals.

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Larry Mallory and Regina Hill Onyeibe

President of  WAACCI; Dr. Remignus Ihekwaba stated that the services are designed to meet real everyday needs of business people traveling and doing business in and between the continents: investors, educators, students, government workers and tourists. Whether you are a recent immigrant from West Africa, or a descendant from there, or just want to be involved with the most exciting and vibrant growth opportunities, WAACCI is poised to offer assistance.


WAACCI executive members

Regina Hill Onyeibe, Director, membership and business development officer of WAACCI called on all present to join the group and take full advantage of the potentials that lie within. Guest speaker at the event was Larry Mallory, CEO of Tabida International and an ex NFL star. His presentation titled ‘Africa: the next frontier’ delved on interesting statistics that portray the bright future of the continent (look out for full text).

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WAACCI initiative includes; strengthening West African business development by connecting you with business experts, speakers and seminars, online tool kits and webinars and leadership opportunities through the WEST AFRICA BUSINESS INCUBATION PROGRAM.

WAACCI facilitate’s peer business discussions and dialogue via online forums, informative communications and advocacy. STIMULATE your business growth through small business resource guides, public policy updates and fact sheets. SUPPORT business leaders by providing a seat at the table with community leadership, weekly and monthly networking events, regional partnerships and the Annual West Africa Economic Conference.

by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Media.

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