Victoria Ogun Attracts Dallas Fashionables to her 50th

DALLAS – It all started out at the thanksgiving service which held at the RCCG Judd street parish where the choir on hand erupted into a frenzy of praise worship. That could have been all the party especially with the presence of a snack table after the service; but there was more to come.

Victoria Ogun had also scheduled a birthday reception at the Edo hall which eventually witnessed a capacity crowd. Fashionable Victoria looked really elegant as she made a series of spectacular intermitent¬†appearances to the hall. Her lovely daughters acted like angels hovering around “Mum” all through the occasion.

Victoria may have also scored a first with a series of colorful cakes that spelt her name. All thanks to my 17mm Nikon lens that was able to capture the ambiance of the “edible arrangement”.


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  • Jolly Ogoma Ihekwoaba says:

    Victoria Ogun’s 50th birthday bash was something every woman should look forward to. it was a blast. She reminded me of my days as a student of University of lagos. The live bands, cordinated dressings, sofisticated ladies and men of timber and caliber of Dallas, Texas were present. A blend of Yorubas, Ibos, Bendel folks came to grace the occasion.
    Victoria, I have not regreted knowing you and your family since 1995. Your encouragement, good morals and business acumen has kept me attached to see to your progress. Victoria is very professional in what she does, she passed all my tests during my Navy years. My daughter, Stacey cannot stay in Dallas without going to look for Victoria. She is her confidant. Victoria, at no charge, thought my daughter how to fix her hair since she was nine. Stacie is now 22 years old and would drive three and a half hours from campus to have only Victoria fix her hair. When Stacie got the birthday invitation, she asked me to make sure I attened Victoria’s birthday. I promised her I would, so I did and was glad. Good people come from different angles, Victoria is one of them, excelent attitude and worthy to be called a family friend.

  • Bola Ladipo says:

    Glad to sub in for the know you & the kids are very dear to me, having grown up together in Lagos with thire dad.Very good party. I wish my friend was here to see.On behailf of Debola, ID, & Master. Call me any time you need help.Very nice pictures.

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