Victoria and Anderson fun filled wedding in Irving, Texas

For an unassuming brilliant accountant, Victoria, Anderson Obot’s bride, was in total control of the successful outcome of her nuptial ceremony. Plans had been in the works for literally over 365 days. The wedding party which comprised of 9 bridesmaids and 8 grooms men had gathered at the Westin DFW Hotel, a strategic location a few meters from the DFW airport.

Victoria and Anderson Obot
Victoria and Anderson Obot

The Calvary church in Irving was the choice venue of the exchange of vows where family and friends gathered to witness the couple read prepared custom vows as well as display true emotional love towards themselves.

The reception at the elegant SLPS event center also in Irving was a fun-filled affair as the bridal party’s dance entrance into the plush and exquisitely decorated event venue created great excitement among guests whom had arrived from Tennessee, California, Kansas and several other distant locations. The evening reception was also a cultural spectacle as the couple and the bridal party adorned ethnic attires for the second part of the evenings program.

Photo documentary by Tosan Aduayi and Kevin Rwodzi. Video by Mentopia productions. Contact: [email protected]

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