Victor Vosper-woghiren 3-day funeral

Houston – On a weekend when the City of Houston was reeling with excitement over the All Star Basketball festivities, the Vosper-woghiren Family prepared for a befitting funeral ceremony for their Husband, father, brother, Uncle and grandfather; Victor O. Vosper-woghiren (1957-2013) who passed away after a protracted bout with cancer. The family was consoled by the fact that Late Victor Vosper-woghiren had a relationship with Christ before the demise.

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Late Victor O. Vosper-woghiren (1957-2013)

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The 3-day event featured a service of songs, funeral home activities including viewing, the interment and a thanksgiving service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Shiloh Mega Parish in Sugar Land, Texas.

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Victor Vosper-woghiren sojourned to the United States in 1972 and obtained a B.Sc and later an additional pair of Masters degrees from Louisiana State University. He is survived by his Wife; Ijose Vosper-woghiren (Nee Eke) and children including Tamekia, Crystal Ann Semien, Terrance, Terri, Victor (Jnr), Victoria, Vaughn and Vince Vosper-woghiren.

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Photos by Tosan Aduayi – 817 538 2145

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