USAID and Power Africa Launch ‘Growing Green Employment’ for Women

The United States Agency for International Development – USAID and Power Africa joined forces to launch the “Growing Green Jobs for Women in Nigeria” program. It aims to promote gender equality and cleaner energy solutions. This initiative will empower around 500 women and youth in Nigeria with the skills they need to secure better jobs in the energy sector.

Historically, women have been underrepresented in energy-related jobs in Nigeria, especially in leadership positions. A recent report, the Powering Jobs Census 2022, highlighted a significant gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) positions, where only 8 percent of the workforce were women, compared to 64 percent in non-STEM roles.


Power Africa introduced the Growing Green Jobs for Women in Nigeria initiative to tackle these challenges and align with Nigeria’s sustainability goals. It offers women and youth various opportunities, such as training in skills like solar installation, project management, and communication. The program includes employability clinics, job fairs, job shadowing, and mentorship programs.

Nigeria has ambitious plans to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060 and lift 100 million people out of energy poverty. This transition is expected to create 420,000 jobs in the power sector, allowing women to play a more significant role in a traditionally male-dominated field.

The Growing Green Jobs for Women initiative in Nigeria focuses on making women and marginalized groups central to Nigeria’s clean energy transition. It aims to improve access to financial resources and remove gender-related barriers. Ultimately, the program seeks to create a more inclusive culture within the energy sector and accelerate Nigeria’s shift away from fossil fuels, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Simha Asuquo contributes from Lagos, Nigeria

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