The Great Enterprise: Gele Limited ‘Headgears’

The response to one of our innovative ideas on Facebook has really been encouraging. It took me a while catch the social networking bug. But when I did, I put it to good use. One of our groups titled “Name Dat Gele” which enables users to name various posted headgear styles has witnessed a numeric increase in the number of members.

Although boasts of its unique monthly headgear polls identified by captioned names, the Facebook group allows for comments and responses on identified and captioned images. Interestingly, some of the names are really synonymous to the designs. You need to see to believe. Start your own test. Give names to those in this edition and you would probably win free copies of our next edition.

Headgears are fascinating to the eyes, sculptures of pride to the bearer and now a source of income to the sculptor. If you have ever been around ladies preparing for an outing, you would observe the attention given to wrapping the headgear. It’s always a moment of “wrapped” attention, one of no comments made or you would probably bear the blame for the poor outcome. It has become such an identity amongst African women such that there is now a growing demand for “skilled labor” when it comes to the art of wrapping headgears to create a distinctive and unique style.

Growing up in Africa, a female socialite popularly known as “Madam Kofo” usually adorns mind blowing and captivating “gele” styles. Hers were usually seen as visual hazards such that if she dares sit in front of you at an event, you probably would call it a day as that would create a total blind spot. Personally, I would look out for such at events and avoid them.

Artistic personalities now create sections at events were they do their thing. They usually fall under the beautician professional umbrella and combine headgear wrapping with make up artistry. They are identified by unique styles they create, skills, neatness, the ability to avoid headaches and most of all the ability to avoid “fall proof” designs. Have you noticed headgears disengaging from heads at events? Whoa! Sometimes the sight could be embarrassing. You’ll notice grey hair, unkempt hair, home made hair cuts and receding scalps. What follows is a mad rush to shrug them back on.

The headgear wrapping enterprise is growing and the stakes are getting higher with known figures. For instance, there is a particular male beautician whom clients tend to personalize thus creating a rock star status around him.

Tosan Aduayi is the Publisher of Trendy Africa Media and writes from Dallas, Texas



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5 Replies on The Great Enterprise: Gele Limited ‘Headgears’

  • Mariam Majid says:

    am impresed with the gele styles
    i would be glad if you could send me some and the update one

  • Iyadun Joel says:

    I really adore all these ‘high rise’ headgears, how creative! Is there a way one can benefit from this as in getting a training for this, even if I have to fly across.
    Well done guys and to these bevy of beauties…

  • joy says:

    great pictures!
    pls do u know of any gele professionals in europe. i need great standard and also able to run a short public seminar. organisin an event and need gele prof for fashion show and seminar preferably in Ireland or Uk.
    your help is much appreciated.
    & keep up d good work 😉

  • Hi,
    Keep up the good work. As an African woman myself, I’m very impressed to view these many African headgears. I would appreciate an update when you get have them. I have been in US for so long, however I am very much in tune with my African heritage. Thank you for keeping us in touch of our origin.

  • Mary says:

    Nice headgears

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