The 3-day Golden Jubilee Celebration of Helen Famuwagun-Oloye

DALLAS – It’s Day one; “Ankara Nite” as it has been dubbed, and the action spot is in Arlington, Texas. It’s a thursday evening in hot July and guests arrive from distant locations including UK and Nigeria. They have all converged in Texas for the 50th birthday celebration of Mrs. Helen Famuwagun-Oloye.

Amazing as it seems, guests who just met Helen within 24hrs had Lot’s of great things to say about her character including kindness and her lovable nature. Helen says her 50th birthday is worth celebrating especially as she looks back to the first 50 years of her life and all the trials and tribulation that has manifested.

They say when the elephants fight, the grass suffers. In this case, when the guests really got down to the tunes provided by DJ Daddy Cool from Houston, the grass really suffered. It was such a fun first night.

Day 2: Pastor Kunle Okere of the CAC Mount Zion Church in Irving Texas delivered a soul inspiring sermon as the birthday girl and over 100 guests who turned up for the church and thanksgiving service listened with rapt attention. African culture was exhibited to the max by guests who were clad in rich attires and matching aso oke.

Later at night, a super disco session evolved into a carnival with friends and family coming together for one big reunion. The black and white themed party revealed some cool dance steps and great dress sense especially with the combined mix of just two prevailing colors. I tell you, it was such great fun especially with music from the seventies blaring through pro sound systems specially ordered from  Atlanta.

Day 3: The attendance can best be described as “capacity crowd”. Reserved seats were quickly occupied by unreserved guests. Extra tables and seats had to be provided. The interesting observation about the grand finale of Helen’s 50th extravaganza is that 75% of the guests invested not less than $700 to attend as most arrived by air from distant cities in the USA and countries across the oceans. The love and appreciation showered on the celebrant seemed to be endless. The imposing cake on the “royal stage” proved that the event was a testimony of a well orchestrated plan to make this celebration one to remember.


Documentary by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Media.

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