P Square dubbed Best African Act on the Planet at Maryland Show

MARYLAND – Harry Nwozo of Tribe X entertainment could not hide his excitement and satisfaction over the exhilarating performance put up by P Square at the Maryland, USA concert. Below are statements he released just after the successful concert;

The show was simply incredible!! Folks, thank you for coming out to support and attend one of the greatest performances by an African act I have ever witnessed. Thanks to the investors, the Promotional Teams,  C & C, MOI Inc, Amarachi Ent, Best of Fly Musik, the P Square Management team & JTON for working with us to make sure everything went as well as it could. Thanks to Promoters DMK, IDOA, Belle Dames and other (don’t have all the names, please forgive me). To Ms Joi’s Team of ushers that did a great job with seating arrangements, Bisi of Africa in Demand who also did a fantastic job as the MC.

Special, Special thanks to my Tribe X Street Team, my wife Tee, Ikenna, Adaora Igbo, Chi Chi Nappy Roots,  and Nonso Ojikafor for going over and beyond the call of duty to sell advance tickets far and wide..Tee helping me with behind the scenes projects concerning VIP’s etc. Shout out to all the other Street Teams involved in this remarkable event. Thanks to all our VIP’s for the patience and understanding when things got a little challenging….all the VIP’s who came out to the pre party and waited for P Square to show up. Thank You! They came through and had an organized photo session with every single VIP member.

Thanks to all the opening acts. You guys did a fantastic job!!! Well done!! Thanks to all the DJ’s that participated especially DJ Smooth! Good job bro!

Thanks to all the Media, who covered the event and those who helped with the press releases especially Trendy Africa, AMC, Jamati, Seun, & Chrissy. Thanks to all of those that attended the Africa against Cancer Walk a Thon the morning of the concert…your contributions will help save lives…literally. Thank you.

Thanks to Jude, Peter and Paul Okoye for being humble, kind and very respectful. When I first met them in New York a few weeks ago for the Media day I was not sure what to expect. These guys are very humble folks who are making Africa proud. They are, in my modest opinion, the best African act on the planet. I will go as far as saying that there are hundreds of top American/Yankee acts that are incapable of putting up an astonishing performance or coming even close to P Square’s level when it comes to performing and stage presence!  These guys are simply the BEST out of Africa.  Bar None.

Special Thanks to all the Haters, Naysayers, Bad Belle people who tried to poison the mind of C & C Promotions and MOI Inc not to work with Tribe X Entertainment…..who eventually abandoned the entire project leaving Tribe X Entertainment as the only Nigerian Marketing and Promotions team to work with the investors (not from Nigeria) to promote Nigeria and Africa’s biggest act: P Square. Shame on you.

C & C Promotions (Mohamed) and MOI Inc (Dan)-who are both FROM Sierra Leone-who stood their ground and pledged to work with Harry Baba and Tribe X Entertainment as the only Nigerian Marketing and Promotions Team involved in the P Square Project.  Thankfully Amarachi & Mr. Best of Fly Musik Group, both from Nigeria, came on board and in fact became major players that contributed heavily to the success of this event. In fact without them this event would not have been at the level it was. God is good all the time.

Photos by George Akoji and Dami Odetola for Trendy Africa Media.

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