Ten Questions For Top Guitarist Robert ‘Dubwise’ Browne

Dubz, as he is affectionately known, has spent years playing, touring and recording with artists Damian Marley, Maxi Priest, Diana King and Shaggy. A self-taught musician who has tackled genres from jazz, rock, reggae to rhythm and blues, he has just wrapped up a U.K. performance tour promoting his third solo album “Groovy Love Thing.” It’s at North London’s Maze Inn, at the Back 2 Da Future Lovers Rock event, Trendy Africa’s Samantha Ofole-Prince caught up with him to talk about his latest album.

1)  Do you recall the first time you ever picked up a guitar?

I was around nine or ten. I used to play drums at first and my twin brother Richard played bass. Setting up the drums everyday to play with him got to me and when my father brought back a classical guitar, I ended up playing it as I wanted to sit and jam with him as opposed to setting up the drum kit.

2) I understand you have several family members all involved in music either as players of instruments or producers?

My father is the bassist/producer Glen Browne who has played for Ziggy Marley and many others and my uncle is the producer Cleveland “Clevie” Browne who was a member of the dancehall duo Steely and Clevie, the pioneers of dancehall.

3) Do you think music was a predetermined part for you to follow?

As a teenager, I had a band and we were always playing music and performing. It’s something I did which has progressed to where I am now.

Jazz and Raggae Artist Robert Dubwise
Jazz and Raggae Artist Robert Dubwise

4) You have traveled extensively performing all over the world. Do you recall the first city or country you visited while on tour and the most memorable?

I have toured with a few artists from Buju to Shaggy and the first gig I did was in Kenya in 1998 and it was a really great experience visiting Kenya. Most memorable was a tour with Shaggy in Australia and New Zealand where Bon Jovi was also on the bill.

5)  Do you play any other instruments?

The ukulele. I can also play keyboard and drums but not fluently.

6) You make it seem effortless when you’re onstage playing the guitar. Is it an instrument that’s easy to learn and can anyone easily master the art of playing the guitar?

Yes, it depends on the time you put into it. It does take time to master it.

7) Do you have a favorite guitar or perhaps a specific one you travel with when you tour?

For the U.K. tour I am using a Gibson SG3. I can play anything, but I prefer certain guitars that I am accustomed to the feel and sound of.  My main guitar is usually a Parker Fly as it plays and sounds great.

8) “Groovy Love Thing”  is a ten-track album which is released under your Electrifying Grooves Records label, what songs do you cover on this album?

I cover songs that were originally written and performed by Jamaican artists and chose songs where the subject lines have to do with love and relationships or courtship.

9) Who are your musical influences?

Jimmy Hendrix, Lee Ritenour, and Joe Satriani.

10) What do you want to be your legacy and where would you like to see your career 20/30 years from now?

Having albums and touring till I am 90. I want to have a consistent career and see myself releasing more solo albums and producing albums for other artists.

Check out Dubz performing live at the Leeds Black Music Festival

“Groovy Love Thing” is available on iTunes and http://www.robertdubwise.com/

Samantha Ofole-Prince is an entertainment industry specialist and contributes to Trendy Africa Magazine from Los Angeles.

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