Steven and Kiara Traditional Marriage in Maryland, USA

Tradition ruled the grand ballroom at the upscale Martins Crosswinds in Greenbelt, Maryland during the traditional marriage between Steven Opara and Kiara Hartwell. Parents of the groom, Dr. Godwin Opara and Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Opara deemed it fit to ensure that customary rights were fulfilled.

Kiara and Steven Opara

While the grooms mother and aunts of the day joyfully proceeded to the high table with the ceremonial kolanut, the brides parents, Ms Patricia Holcomb and Mr. William Hartwell joined in presenting the kolanut to the elders who then offered prayers and explained that “kolanut only understands indigenous languages”. The event was further characterized by great fun, dance, and entertainment.


Tosan Aduayi writes and photographs from Mansfield, Texas – 8175382145 (text)

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