Sketch 44 productions is a networking organization dedicated to empowering creative artists, individuals and companies with the tools and inspiration they need in order to maintain creative control of their work. Our network is a provider of entertainment resources; an information destination for artists, Models, writers, DJ’s, record industry professionals and more. We help creative individuals further their careers as well as debut numerous products, projects and innovations.

Sketch 44’s network provides a variety of services to help those searching to expand entertainment possibilities, whether it’s assisting industry professionals or supporting individuals for their own career development. We handle stage management, event coordination and merchandising.

Sketch 44 Model Management Agency is a professional Dallas base modeling agency seeking models to service clients in the field of runway modeling, print modeling and advertising. We are the directory point between clients and fashion models; we organize fashion models for shows, photo shoots and more. We work alongside other agencies, businesses, promoters and prepare to organize booking in conjunction with agents. Please contact us today

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817 538 2145

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