Silent Empire Collection by Vlisco

Netherlands – Vlisco has launched its new Silent Empire collection for 2012. The inspiration for the collection comes from the hidden secrets and gentle formality of a distant place, in line with Vlisco’s aim of meeting different cultures and incorporating various surprising elements from around the world into its designs.

The Silent Empire collection was inspired by a culture that is both hauntingly familiar and incredibly foreign. Imagine the quiet drama of a frozen opera. A world with fading colours and gentle blossoms, with silent temples and soft whispers. Where clothing often features formal tailoring and plenty of pleats. Reinterpreted for Vlisco, this creates a witty new world, a tempered storm, where exaggerated touches and bold designs are beautifully balanced through the power of subtleness.

The fabric collection also comes in various Luxury Editions. These fabrics are embellished with exclusive details, such as intricate embroidery, shimmering gold thread, sophisticated sequins and sparkly Swarovski crystals, adding a touch of extravagance to any outfit. The careful use of bright blue and lime green touches bring the designs to life. Foreign influences show themselves in the intricate layering of details in the patterns, adding a touch of playfulness.

Photo: Miep Jukkema. A Trendy Africa Media Report.

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