Mohbad demise leads to Calls for the Institutionalization of the African Music Industry

The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) have stressed the need to regulate the music industry following the tragic death of Nigerian singer, Mohbad. The 27-year-old artist, known as Imole, was a promising talent with a growing fan base.


AFRIMA’s President, Mike Dada, expressed condolences and highlighted the importance of institutionalizing the music and entertainment sectors. He emphasized the need for industry standards, regulations, and compliance to prevent unprofessional practices.


AFRIMA plans to engage African governments through a stakeholder summit to enact legislation and establish a Music Institute for certification. They encourage all industry professionals to participate in this crucial process by submitting proposed legislation for review. AFRIMA aims to elevate African music on the global stage.

Simha Asuquo contributes from Lagos, Nigeria. Photo Credit: Ogundimu David

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