LGE is a multicultural annual event produced by Trendy Africa media to create a platform for skilled head wrap sculptors from several cultural backgrounds to compete for prizes and trophies while promoting African Culture and Heritage on a different pedestal.

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The ultimate objective of LGE is to create a unique conduit for projecting the rich cultural values of Africa as well as to create a healthy avenue for the display of skills, products and services.  Other attractions including fashion and comedy will form part of the highlights of the event.

The event is designed to ensure great visibility of your brand through our highly patronized website and magazines and at any location the event is hosted. This unique concept will guarantee the following;

–          Brand exposure at venues and on promotional materials.

–          Brand mentions and compliments during the events including the official brochure.

–          You are guaranteed a web view through our social networks.

–          We will distribute your official flyers and other materials supplied by you.


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