JODI collaborates with top Ghanaian female artist Efya

NEW YORK – Liberian superstar Jodi is raring to conquer new heights with the release of his newest single “African By Birth” featuring Ghanaian star Efya and also “Knock Out” which appeals more to his female fans. His goal with this song is to share his unique gift of artistry and musicality with Africa and different parts of the world. The single is deeply introspective, reflecting on the events that have brought Jodi to this point in his music career.


Jodi digs deep into his roots with this new single, root that spends from his homeland of Liberia to the entire African continent and the world as a whole. His art roves across boundaries, genres and ethnicities, finding the connections that link musical forms from every part of the world, while still bonding closely with his own traditions. “My inspiration for this song is my love for my country Liberia and all of what I went through as child during the civil war says Jodi”.

Jodi has come a very long way being a young man from Liberia, West Africa and trying to break through the American and African music industry. The journey has not been smooth sailing for Jodi, but despite the ups and downs in the music business, Jodi has always kept one thing on his mind, and that is to ensure that he can one day see his vision of putting his country Liberia on the map through his music.


The Ultra Vogue Cologne Africa brand ambassador will no doubt take African music to a whole new level with the release of his new single, “African By Birth” – the prelude to his much anticipated new album title”Vision”this summer.

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