In “Nubia: The Awakening” Omar Epps highlights West Africa

Omar Epps will debut his first novel “Nubia: The Awakening” on November 8, 2022. The book will be the first in a young adult series co-authored with Clarence Haynes about three teens, the children of refugees from a fallen African utopia, who develop powers they must use to navigate a climate-ravaged New York City.

In the book, Uzochi, Zuberi, and Lencho are the children of refugees from Nubia—the fallen island nation off the coast of West Africa. Since their arrival in New York City, Nubians have struggled to survive among the remnants of Manhattan, where climate change has ravaged the island with catastrophic flooding that only the rich residents of the Up High can avoid.

Nubia- The Awakening

Detested by the xenophobic Locals, Uzochi, Zuberi, and Lencho lead lives plagued by intense disparities and disrespect, but when they and other Nubian teens begin to develop complex supernatural powers, the three teens discover that their lineage is more dimensional than what their parents have explained to them previously. Nubians once possessed powerful kinetic gifts, and it looks like the new generation of Nubians have come into this legacy once again. But will they use their inheritance to lift their people or to leave them behind? The fate of their city, and their people, hangs in the balance.

“The idea for this book came to me over ten years ago,” says Epps. “It started with an idea based around the actuality of love. That evolved into a story about unity, and the beauty of a world where every person’s differences are not only unique but serve a purpose. I’m very proud of how it turned out and cannot wait to finally share it with the world.”

The actor and producer was first introduced to audiences as Q in Ernest Dickerson’s cult classic “Juice,” opposite Tupac Shakur.  Some of his films include “Love & Basketball,” ” In Too Deep” and his latest film “The Devil You Know,” which is playing in theaters.

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

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