In Memory of Delancey Obijuru Okororie (1968-2013)

Obijuru Okororie was always there on a moment’s notice. He was always cheerful, ever willing to help beyond the call of duty. For him duty was joy, work was done with love which radiated transparently towards all and sundry. Truly, He was like a member of the Mezu family, always there in all moments of challenges, expectations and celebrations. He was one of the first to come and always helped till the end. He brought his loving father to the family and we have never forgotten him or Obi’s love for the father and the care and concern he showed towards him. He brought the young wife to the family who was equally embraced by all. We were looking forward to sharing with them (as Obi shared with all others) the arrival of their new baby. The Good Lord we serve knows best. Rather than mourn the loss let us remember him for the unforgettable presence he was and will continue to be.

As he comforted others during his life, may the Good Lord comfort, guide, preserve and protect the family – the wife, the child, the father, brothers, relations and the so many who depended on him in so many unquantifiable ways. Beautiful stars shine brightly but for a brief moment but the memory of their glow last for years and years in the mind. Like Obijuru Okororie penned when Odoziaku Akunjeri Victoria Nwasobi died on July 23, 2010: “Words cannot express how I felt when I learnt of your . . . passing to glory. In all we give thanks to the Almighty for giving us Mama all these years for us to share in her life and have all these great memories of her which would remain with us until the end of time.”
Obijuru Okororie, through your incredible photography and videography, you left many great memories for individuals, families and groups. Those memories will remain beyond the end of time. Our condolences go to his young expectant wife, Adanma, to his aged father Benneth Maduagwu (93 years old), to his brothers Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Benneth Uche, Donatus Kelechi, his sisters Stella Chika Uzokwe and Vivian Chidinma Obuah and their families. In the Mezu family, Obijuru Okororie was known as Obi Photo. Rest in perfect peace, Obi Photo. You have left indelible relics in the hearts and hearth of many, many Nigerian homes. Till his death, Obi worked at DHR, State of Maryland and was a graduate of Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria. He was also the President and Owner of Photowilla, his first love, his photography Company. He was laid to rest on the 12 of April, 2013 in Oguta, Nigeria
Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu , For the Family.

Photos captured the wake keeping activities in Baltimore, Maryland.

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