Good Old Staff School Dallas Reunion

It was such an awesome time to be in the midst of my primary school mates at the historic 2017 Dallas University of Ife Staff School Reunion. Comedian Holy Malam was the Master of Ceremony at the Reunion which held at the exquisite Jupiter Gardens Event center. Some of us had not seen for up to 35 years but ultimately, the gathering in Dallas was epic. Much thanks to almighty God for the gift of Life.




Photo by Tosan Aduayi and Kunle Meshida #staffschool #unifestaffschool #unifestaffschoolreunion #trendy #trendyafricamagazine #oau

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  • Prof Stella Williams (RTD), AEC, OAU says:

    Dear Lamide,
    Thank you my darling for always updating us All on such Glorious issues. God Bless Late Prof. Oluwasanmi and Mrs. Hollist and many other staff members who created an enabling educative environment for you All. We thank God for your re-union and continue to pray for each of you now wonderful adults with families of your own. However, as a Teacher that you too. You All must endeavor to check out the Staff School whenever you are Blessed to visit home please.
    We Love and cherish your success. All three of my children attended the Staff School and my Girls attended Moremi while my Son was sent by his Dad to Government Science School Toro. Thus, I give Glory to God Almighty that your parents and I have been Blessed very much with your achievements. Thank you Sweetie Lamide Alabi!

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