Full Efik tradition on display at the Henshaw wedding

It was a festival of African culture and tradition at the Austin Texas Efik traditional marriage ceremony of Kristina Below and Roland Henshaw. The Efik community came out en mass to support the ceremony which featured Mmin- Ukong Usong, Ukop Iso, Mbup, Ekom, Akam (gift presentation, brides family knocking, listening, request and appreciation drinks) as well as Nkpo Ndo (marriage box, drinks, gifts, dowry). There was also the aspect of Mkpo Eteyen ye Ufop Iso Eka (drinks for the brides dad and mom followed by prayer from the dad). The groom was overwhelmed with emotions just as his bride danced into the banquet halll accompanied by maidens, friends and Aunts. There were also a series of Efik cultural dance performances. 


by Tosan Aduayi @trendyafricamagazine 

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