Esther Ene Audu shoots for Hollywood

She is a rising star and a force to reckon with in the Nollywood industry. She has graced television screens with her beauty and contagious smile. Esther Audu discusses her future in this candid interview with Trendy’s entertainment contributing editor; Eno-Obong Effiong.

My name is “Esther Ene Audu”, I’m from ‘Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State’. I was born 22 March, in Ikeja, lagos. I’m the 5th of 6 children, my parents are alive and well; both living together in Abuja. I did part of my primary school in Lagos before my Dad was transfered to Abuja. There I completed my primary and secondary school. I studied Business Management at the University of Jos, where I graduated in 2010.

SGB- At what point did you decide to start acting?

ESTHER: Acting as a career came when I was in my last year in secondary school. Before then, I’d wanted to be a newscaster; but my taking part in stage dramas and plays made me love acting;  that was when I decided to take it up as a profession.

SGB-  How has the journey been so far?

ESTHER- So far it’s been great. God has been so faithful and it gets better by the day.

SGB- Who were your role models then and now?

ESTHER– Okay when I started, my role models were and will always be Joke Silva and Genevieve Nnaji. I still get to admire other actresses too, based on their different personalities and style.

SGB- What major challenges have you faced?

ESTHER- Nothing really challenging so far other than the usual travelling to different strange places to shoot and meeting different categories of people; but it’s been fun and adventurous.

SGB– Who do you see as a competition in the industry?

ESTHER- I don’t see anyone as a competition. It’s a race that everyone is running on their own because life and destinies are not the same.

SGB– Where do you see yourself in a few years?

ESTHER– Me featuring in Hollywood movies, being a happy actress who balances her family life and career perfectly well.

SGB- Are you in a relationship?

ESTHER– Yes I am. Please don’t ask me any more questions about my relationship because I won’t answer.

SGB- Where do you see Nollywood in the next five years?

ESTHER– Nollywood is getting better and better by the day. In five years, it’s sure gonna be almost competing with the Hollywood standard.

SGB- How many movies have you done?

ESTHER- I have over 20 movies and will do more by God’s grace.

SGB- We are happy to have you here and we wish you all the best in all that you do?

ESTHER- Thank you too

by Eno-Obong Effiong (Silky Gifty)

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