Double Celebration for the Onyekwe Family in Kansas City

Missouri – For Mr and Mrs Clement and Martina Onyekwe, it was a day of great celebration and accomplishment. While the couple celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary, Mrs. Martina Onyekwe marked her 70th birthday. The event attracted numerous guests from all works of life including well wishers and friends of the couples nine children.

Clement and Martina consummated their love on february 4th, 1961 in Edo state, Nigeria. For years, they raised their nine children through sheer determination and resilience and kept education as a focal point. Mr. Onyekwe is a seasoned educationist and spent most of his working life at the Auchi polytechnic in Edo State. Mrs. Martina Onyekwe on the other hand is a trained school teacher who chose to be a full time housewife to enable her devote 100% of her time to family. It is worthy to note that all nine children are independent and successful professionals.


By Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Media.

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