Deleawe Education Foundation inauguration forms highlight of grand 50th bash

He is an epitome of professionalism, a dedicated family man and a selfless helper. These formed some of the attributed presented at the grand 50th celebration in honor of Mr. David Oladele Awe which held at the elegant Waxahachie Civic center, Texas. The celebrant however decided to use the occasion to formally present and inaugurate the DELEAWE EDUCATION FOUNDATION. The foundations strategic vision is to expand the frontiers of educational opportunities for the less privileged. Changing lives through providing educational assistance to less privileged students, encouraging individuals to aim for the highest level of educational attainment and ensuring that no one within his or her abilities, fails to obtain at least a bachelors degree forms part of the mission of the foundation.

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by Tosan Aduayi – 817 538 2145, 0805 805 6869

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