Dallas finest gather to celebrate Bose and Steve Double birthday

The movers and shakers of Dallas social scene came together in honor of Bose and Steve Otokunrin. While Bose celebrated her 50th birthday, Steve clocked 60, making it one of the finest dual birthday celebrations in recent times.

Bose and Steve Otokunrin
Bose and Steve Otokunrin

Bose in her own right is a top party planner and decorator and it was no surprise that the Victoria Grace Event Center, Grand Prairie was set like a grand ballroom. Guests came decked out in unique fashion designs while the celebrant showcased up to five cultural outfits.


#teamtrendy wishes the couple many more graceful celebrations.

Tosan Aduayi writes from Mansfield Texas – 8175382145. Photo credit: VMP studios for Trendy Africa Magazine

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