Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Encore! Rising Excellence 2022

In a first for Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s organization, dance/choreographic duo Derion Loman and Madison Olandt jointly created The Long Wait, a drama of cosmic proportions for DBDT: Encore! This relevant and revealing world premiere is an introspection of the human spirit refusing to give up even when it can’t see the finish line.

Other performances include; Diaspora synthesizes DBDT: Encore! with the community musicians of the New Texas Symphony Orchestra in a new work choreographed by Nycole Ray and Richard A. Freeman, Jr.

DBDT Rising Excellence

reVIBE choreographed by Levi Marsman, will make its world premiere during Rising Excellence set to Afro House music.

Standing On Edge by Edmond Giles reflects on the circumstance when one is battling a dark shadow within, sometimes they find themselves on edge.

Photo by Sharen Bradford – The Dancing Image

VENUE: Moody Performance Hall, 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


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