Comedian AY continues to thrill

In the posted flick below, AY fuses humor into what has become Nigeria’s greatest nightmare; “kidnapping”. Who is AY (Ayo Makun)?


Who is AY?

AY: AY is a man. He was once a boy who grew up to become a man. AY is gotten from the name Ayo. I’m a standup comedian. I make people laugh for a living; I’m also an event person, I manage events and everything that has to do with entertainment.


How did you get into comedy?

AY: As a very creative person back in the days on campus, I used to do comedy scripts. I employed Ali Baba’s services (as a service to the student community) on a show I put together, as a student and after the show he was like “Wow, you mean as a student, you could do this kind thing? And yet it looked like one big entertainment company”. That’s how he invited me to Lagos to delve into full time entertainment, event packaging and event management. When I got into Lagos though, he offered me a job as his PA and I grabbed it (we are talking about Ali Baba). From being his PA, I became his event manager.


Do you think this is a talent thing or a means of survival?

AY: Well this is core talent, core talent in the sense that for some of us, all we need is the opportunity. You can choose a particular line of duty without you understanding your own calling, there are so many talented people working in banks today; they choose to work in the bank because that was the opportunity that came before them.

For others, they have the talent but they don’t know it. You need somebody to help you harness it, not just as a means of survival. I just got nominated as best comedian in Nigeria 2008 (N. E. A.) in New York; they won’t have just nominate d that hustler or that survival personality.


What dream and vision do you have as a comedian?

AY: You have already mentioned one: the survival, and if comedy has it for me then it becomes a vision. The dream I can also have for the AY brand, as a comedian is to continue to grow and build up my art so that I can remain at the top of my game. My dream is also to see the industry loaded with talented comedians making that dream come true.

I created the open mic night competition to discover up-coming comedians and bring out the best in them. We don’t have enough comedians we have not been able to challenge the things that are revolving around comedy; we have not explored it in Nigeria. We are just tapping the surface at the moment.


What makes AY unique?

AY: Usually it’s not a question I give answers to; I always want people to say it. What do you think makes AY unique. The little I can say is that AY is different because the name AY is different from every other name in the comedy industry.


What’s your relationship with other comedian?

AY: Very cordial many of them if I have something to do they always want to be part of what am doing I think the comedy industry is one industry that exhibits love some people have the notion that the comedy industry has a clique but as far as am concerned if such is in existence then I will say am the middle man in the clique because I cut into every circle.


Courtesy of WRT. Addition by Trendy Africa Nigeria.


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