Black Tie birthday banquet for Nike Ogunmekan

The entrance to the elaborately decorated banquet hall was reminiscent of a Hollywood top notch award ceremony. Red and pink petals adorned the step and repeat section where an imposing ’50’ signage was equally situated. The celebrant, Nike Ogunmekan radiated with beauty as guests arrived full of admiration.

Nike Ogunmekan

The event commenced with praise worship, singing and dancing to the glory of God just as Pastor Ropo Tusin of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Household of faith Parish gave a word of encouragement and later prayed for the celebrant. A saxophonist was on hand to perform and jolt guests off their seats for another round of praise with the celebrant.

Nike Ogunmekan with children

The reception featured an audio visual biography presentation, a solo presentation by the daughter, cake cutting and a formal toast. Goat pepper soup with dinner rolls stimulated the taste buds of all right before the second course of a choice of Jollof, fried, or white rice with chicken or beef got served. Rave of the moment entrée, Amala and Ewedu was not left out. Family and friends whom arrived from distant locations including Europe were visibly elated as they danced and rejoiced with Nike on her 50th birthday.


Tosan Aduayi writes and photographs from Mansfield, Texas – 817-538-2145

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