As Britain mourns, the monarchy changes

Britain is today mourning the death of its beloved Monarch, the Queen. After a remarkable 70 years on the throne, the country’s longest-reigning royal yesterday died ‘peacefully’, aged 96, at Balmoral in Scotland.

Her death sparked an immediate and huge outpouring of emotion, with thousands of heartbroken mourners gathering outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and other royal buildings yesterday evening.

Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

The former Prince of Wales is now King Charles III, and the Duke of Cambridge.

Here is how the royal family’s titles have changed following the death of the Queen:


Charles, who was the Prince of Wales, is now King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He is also King of other Commonwealth realms. His style is His Majesty rather than His Royal Highness.

He is now king and will be known by the regnal name of King Charles III, Clarence House has confirmed. As his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George there was a chance that he could have opted to use one of these names instead. Charles is also Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Charles is now the Duke of Lancaster.

source: dailymail, Wiki

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